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Hi, my name is Jeffrey Jones and I am a Florida State Licensed Mold Assessor and Home Inspector that has been conducting various inspections on a full time basis since 2003. I specialize in evaluating residential and commercial structures where mold or air quality is a concern.

To assist in my evaluations, I utilize state of the art moisture detection equipment, infrared camera technology and air quality sampling devices. I will conduct an evaluation of the structure focusing on active moisture sources, moisture stains musty odors or suspect growth. I will swab any suspect growth for identification and take the appropriate bio-aerosol air samples inside the structure and at the exterior for comparison purposes.

In addition to the above, I can conduct air sampling which focuses on the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds “VOC’s” with an emphasis on the Mold Specific Volatile Organic Compounds or “MVOC’s”. I refer all samples taken to an independent laboratory for analysis. Upon receipt of the lab’s analysis, I produce a brief, site-specific report outlining my Mold Inspection Findings and recommendations.

Following your inspection, I provide a detailed inspection report with photographs along with a summary of findings. Your report will include the independent laboratory results of any samples taken, which are essential in verifying whether or not any unusual mold conditions.

Please contact me directly to learn more about how I may assist you in addressing your mold or air quality concerns.


I conduct inspection and testing services for home buyers and owners who are concerned about the presence of mold or the air quality of the home. As a state licensed Home Inspector, I can package up the pre-purchase home inspection and mold assessment for one affordable price.


I conduct inspection and testing services for commercial building owners and buyers who are concerned about the presence of mold or the air quality of a commercial building or structure. We are here to assist you in conducting your pre-purchase due diligence inspections or to assess specific mold or air quality concerns.


It should be noted that I am Florida State licensed mold assessor experienced in conducting mold inspections and testing only. Although experienced in such matters, I do not conduct the actual remediation of any mold or damage caused by the moisture event. I work closely with the insurance claims specialist and the remediation company by providing detailed reports, mold remediation protocol / work plans and post remediation verification testing. Emergency work authorizations are available on an as needed basis.

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